10 simple rules in order to have a great experience:

1 – Respect the environment, respect the others, respect yourself.

Leave no trace of your passage. Respect other vehicles. Don’t take useless risks by overcoming your limits.

2 – Ride equally, be fair.

Ride under your own power. Drafting is not allowed unless you’re riding in pair or during the neutralised start.

You can leave the track in case of emergency but you have to return to that exact point when you want to continue the route.

3 – Do everything possible to make your journey safe.

In every case you must observe local traffic laws. Always avoid what is not legal.

Helmet, lights and spare lights are mandatory. You must wear a reflective vest when riding at night.

4 – Stick to the track, no shortcuts*.

You must follow the track we provide. If at some point the way is blocked by something unexpected (e.g. roadworks, landfalls, trees on the path etc.) you can leave the track but you’ll have to rejoin it as soon as possible.

*Intentional shortcuts will cost a time penalty.

5 – Be confident with the concept of unsupported.

Plan your ride carefully. Take your time to study the map and all the details that could help your basic needs.

No third party support, no private resupply. You must use commercial services to satisfy your needs.

6 – Respect the laws of every area you are crossing.

Don’t take any useless risks. Respect other vehicles, traffic lights and local rules.

7 – Check the tracker regularly.

If your tracking is malfunctioning or out of battery you must give proof of your ride in order to be a “finisher”.

8 – Insurance is mandatory, make your own.

You must have a valid liability, death, accident and health insurance valid during the event that covers emergency extraction and repatriation insurance.

The organization won’t provide any kind of insurance for the event and will not held liable for any damage whatsoever that may occur directly and/or indirectly to you or other parties.

9 – Enjoy the journey but don’t be late.

Don’t miss the accreditation and the start.

If you finish the route after the time limit you can’t expect any official support. It’s your duty to return the tracker by mail.

10 – Keep your mind clear

Always ask for help if you’re in danger for any serious reason, always try to help if someone else is in danger for any serious reason.

Always try to take the best decisions, use the brain before using heart or legs!