Unsupported Bikepacking Adventure in the Norwegian lands. Embrace the remoteness.

Accreditation and briefing – 10/August/2024

Official Start – 11/August/2024 (morning start)

Time limit: 17/August/2024 (10 a.m.)

Roughly 950 km with 16.000 m of elevation gain

About the project

Mother North will show you some of the most breathtaking Norwegian landscapes. This bikepacking journey combines the freedom of cycling with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Norwegian wilderness. You will embark on a lifetime adventure traversing remote trails, ancient forests, and pristine fjords. Pedalling through the ever-changing scenery, you will experience the magic of the midnight sun, taking in the ethereal glow that bathes the mountains in soft, golden light.

With 950 kilometres and 16.000 m of elevation gain on a mixed terrain this event is a test of physical endurance and a celebration of natural wonders, all while fostering a deep connection with the enchanting landscapes of Norway.

A voyage of past, present and future, intertwined into one connected moment.

Online Registrations are open!

Mother North– 11/AUGUST/2024

Single ticket - 285€

Pair ticket - 570€

Start/Finish: Lillehammer

Accreditation and briefing: 10/August/2024

Official Start: 11/August/2024 (morning start)

Time limit: 17/August/2024 (10 a.m.)

Mother North is your new adventure for next summer! Roughly 950 kilometres, the route crosses an incredible mix of sceneries: from small Norwegian villages set in the highlands to the tarmac and gravel roads crossing the fjords. Gravel roads, mountains, woods, rivers, waterfalls and dozen of unique places in between!

You must follow the track we provide. If at some point the way is blocked by something unexpected (e.g. roadworks, landfalls, trees on the path etc.) you can leave the track but you’ll have to rejoin it as soon as possible.

We will send you the official GPS file and the roadbook few weeks before the event. However we will tease you with some interesting info very soon!

Yes it's mandatory to have your own insurance.

You must have a valid liability, death, accident and health insurance valid during the event that covers emergency extraction and repatriation insurance.

The organization won’t provide any kind of insurance for the event and will not held liable for any damage whatsoever that may occur directly and/or indirectly to you or other parties.

Mother North's route has different types of locations and environment. It's a well balanced mix where, if you plan your adventure carefully, you'll be able to find anything you need. There will be some remote areas but we will give you a detailed roadbook with the rider's manual.

If you'll follow the GPS we provide you won't surely get lost. Anyway if anything happens you may ask people, find the route on your GPS or on your mobile phone using mapping applications. It's always useful to save an off-line map on your mobile phone!

Try to fix them yourself. Don't forget to bring tools and all the necessary. If it's a major mechanical problem try to find a bicycle shop that can fix it for you.

No. The event starts Sunday August 11th. From that moment you'll be free to look for facilities and book anything you need.

Sorry, no. The track is already planned but we'll have to do few final recognitions before giving it to you. This is for your safety and to fully enjoy a fantastic route.

From Oslo, Lillehammer is easily reachable by train and bus. Check the options here www.vy.no


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