Frequently Asked Questions

What tyre size do you suggest for Mother North?

We suggest 42mm/45mm gravel tyres. The gravel sometimes can be a bit “rocky” and it’s better to be safe rather than sorry for not completing the route.

Can I ride without front light, since it’s not going to be very dark?

No, you can’t ride without a front light. If cloudy or rainy at night, it won’t be enough bright to make you visible. For your safety you have to be visible to other vehicles, plus there are some tunnels where light is necessary. It’s also mandatory to have a high visibility vest, in order to be visible to other vehicles in case of bad weather conditions.

What temperatures do we have to expect?

Between 2/3ºC (in the mountains with bad weather conditions) and 28-30ºC (if you’re riding under the sun).

Can you travel by train with a bicycle? What about traveling with a bike in the box?

Yes, you can travel with your bike mounted by buying an additional ticket. You can also travel with a bike in the box/bag and it will be free (counted as a luggage).